Monday, July 25, 2011


As much as I love fashion and clothing, I am not a jewelry connoisseur (although I am trying to be).  I enjoy my scarves in the winter and an occasional hat or head wrap in the summer if I am feeling extra ambitious, but rarely, on a normal day, do I put a necklace on in the morning and take it off as I am dressing for bed.  It is usually off within 2 hours, floats around in my purse for 2 weeks only to follow with a week in my car's cup holder...that is until I try it out again for size (and then repeat).  Instead of glitzing up this week, I am just going to carry around one of these.  And I mean everywhere.

Anyone want to join me with the perfect summer accessory?

They would pair perfectly with this Marc Jacobs number (especially that blue one!).


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Bon Bon said...

ohhhh, marc jacobs. swooooon:-) I'm the same way with jewelry. I have bangles/rings/necklaces galore and yet I usually only wear my wedding ring and a pair of diamond or pearl studs everyday. lame! xoxo