Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cantaloupe and Leopard

Cantaloupe and leopard.  2 things I have never really loved.  Still dislike cantaloupe (in edible form), but having a love affair with leopard these days.  Aw, swoon.

We are enjoying these spring-like winter days over in our parts and our places.  Our cheeriness may be from the weather, but I am thinking it has something to do with my graduation ceremony that is happening this friday.  Yep, you heard me...sayonara nursing school!

Wowza that's an open back.  
 {Blouse, UrbanOutfitters; Skirt, Pieces by Kensie; Shoes, lulus.com; Bracelets, F21}


Ash Louise said...

Super cute outfit, I just love it! What kind of a camera are you using though? I cant tell if you're trying to make those photos like that or if they just are ;)
I love the shoes too girl, soooo beautiful!... everything!

Bon Bon said...

wowza! that's my kind of outfit! love love! xoxo

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh goodness, why am i just now finding your blog. you are super adorable, and this outfit is incredible!!
xo TJ

John Troxel said...

Taylor!! So impressed by your blog lately!! Just ran across if again today!

We need to collab sometime before I head off to college! I don't know what on...but something!! haha

Taylor Morgan said...

I love your outfit! And your pictures are adorable! :)



Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

I don't like edible cantaloupe either! But do love the color and your whole outfit!

Allison Taylor said...

ohhhh my goodness. Might just be my favorite outfit ever. kind of just want to rip it off of you and steal it. The open back. Those wood shoes. I'm dying over here.

love your blog... new follower!!