Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here comes summer

Or is it actually coming?  The 89 degree weather counteracted by the 53 degree weather has confused me.  BUT, nonetheless, I will be in sundresses and flippy floppys everyday...soon.  What sundresses will I be wearing you ask?  Anything silky and bright.   I hibernate in grays and blacks all winter long and it is time to bust out the neons and the airy whites.  Join me?

Here are some of my favorites.  
(My birthday is Saturday hint hint;)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cubs game awesomeness...

Awesomeness.  I don't use this word often, or even at all, but that is the only thing that describes what happened Tuesday at the Cubs game!

So let's start at the beginning, yes?  Hmmm...

About a month ago, Chamberlain (the nursing school I attend) held auditions to sing the National Anthem at the Cubs game on May 10 (It was Nurse's Night at the Cubs game for our school to celebrate Nurse's week).  I, of course, was not going to audition.  I have terrible fear sometimes about singing in front of people and without a doctor's prescription to valium or a beta-blocker, there was no way I could sing.  So weeks went on and the day of the auditions finally came unbeknownst to me.  After class someone told Joellyn and I that we should try out (Joellyn or Jody as most of us call her, is one of my bestest buds that I met during this terrbily stressful thing called nursing school)...

OK this is going to take forever...Here we go...

No way we were going to try out...but then decided to with several people peer pressuring us...practiced in the car after class for about 30 mins...audtitions that night and we placed 2nd (Bianca won, a great gospel sounding voice!)...2nd place still allowed us access to the field for a little recognition...May 10 came...walked into the stadium and they asked us, "How do you feel?  You guys may be singing tonight.  Bianca stuck far away in traffic"...Gahhh!!! What?!?  We haven't sung that song in like a month!  We haven't even been able to warm up! Can someone get us a drink?...Ok, it is us.  We are gonna have to do it...we rush through the Wrigley stadium trying to pick out a key to sing it in...my hands are completely numb and tingling...we got a couple mins on the field to practice quietly...aaaaannd WE ARE UP!  National anthem at Wrigley Field (click to watch)...who would've thought!?!

Can someone get us some water, please?  1/2 a beer didn't cut it
Love you, Jody!!!
Lovely friends.  The most fun day between our two wedding days:)
 Boo, I am so glad you were there with me!  I love you most.  END!