Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yes, you heard's time for a spruce up! I am considering doing a monthly "surprise style spruce up" where I go to a friend or family member's home and surprise them by going into their closet and put together some of their pieces that they would have never thought to pair.

So I did it.

I ambushed my brother-in-law, Jared.

It was so fun. For me. Ahahahaha!

Now let me give you a little background on Jared...Jared is my sister's husband, a highschool english teacher, and a die hard cubs fan (go cubbies!). He is a simple guy who loves his wife, a good bacon cheeseburger, the cubs (he really loves them...they get a double mention), sports, family time, simple t-shirts and jeans, and always puts a white undershirt underneath his button-up. We love Jared in this house and I couldn't have asked for a better guy to marry my sister.

And because of all this he was my first victim.
Woohoo! Here goes!
(Pre-ambush awkward posing for my sister)


The goods!
(Now we were limited to button-ups, t-shirts, jeans, one blazer, and a few sweaters)


OK, no more serious photos, here is a cigar...

It is hard for us to stay serious for long...

Ambusher and ambushee

See, I told you, it is hard for us to stay so serious!


In celebration, Lindsey, my sister and Jared's wife, cooked us dinner and one of my favorite salads! Cabbage, bell peppers, black beans, roasted corn, onions, pulled pork, bbq sauce and an oooh so vinegary dressing. YUM!

Thanks you guys!

p.s. Here is a sneak peek to my new year's outfit. Not the pants from H&M that I got 5 years ago, but the shoes! Jeffery Campbell always does me good.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Can we volunteer for this spruce up?

Margaret said...

I love that idea!!!!!! I always secretly do this to my family or friends rooms. Just go in and organize and decorate! Tons of fun! Great outcome.
And so glad you mentioned your shoes. They are to die for!!!!

Be sure to take a look at Accessories Please :)
Accessories Please.blogspot

Happy New Years!!!

Taylor said...

Thanks, girls! It was super fun and he was such a great sport. A lady is next! Woo! Keep your eye out for plenty of other fun things till then.

Margaret, thanks for the comment! Your page is adorable. Love Whitney Port. Following!!!