Monday, April 30, 2012


Here, in Chicago today, it is just icky out.  Cold, but humid so who even knows what type of temp should be blasting in the car...heat (but oh goodness I am stifling), AC (but oh goodness, goosebumps have covered my body), windows down (cold and dear I feel like I just worked out I am so sticky).  So, since the weather was blah, I didn't plan to look blah, but wow...didn't I succeed in doing so?  All black is usually a flattering look, but this time, in attempts to be not too hot and not too cold, I ended up looking like a nun.  Yup.  A nun.  I was anticipating someone coming up to me and asking where my little head covering thing was.  Sheesh.  What a fail.


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

that kind of weather is the worst. hope to get a good wind to blow it right out of there!

Fashionista Brit said...

I'm in Milwaukee and it was the same here. I wore orange to try to brighten the didn't work :)

Belle epoque

Celeste said...

Those are the WORST days to dress for...I usually end up having a major fashion fail of my own. Hope the weather has improved a bit!