Friday, December 31, 2010

A date at Whole Foods

Yesterday was a good day for a good lunch with a good friend. She and I went to whole foods to dabble in their buffet of food labled "natural" and "organic" that made me feel no guilt while I ate cornbread dressing and drunken Thai noodles. It was delicious and fun and we drank the best tea ever. Seriously, it was amazing. It made my tastebuds sing. I think I need to go there again today to stock up on this stuff. You should too. Mint and honey green tea by Sweet Leaf.

Yes, I did have cornbread dressing and drunken thai noodles, but do you see those brussel sprouts? Turkey meatballs? And detox veggie salad that was surprisingly tasty? Yup.


Did I also mention we are having a winter heat wave? 50 degrees, snow gone, water in the basement, and the perfect weather for wearing high high heels this new year's clumsy slipping :)

Happy New Year's! Cheers!
New Year's post tomorrow. Lots of sparkles, champagne, good shoes and friends.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yes, you heard's time for a spruce up! I am considering doing a monthly "surprise style spruce up" where I go to a friend or family member's home and surprise them by going into their closet and put together some of their pieces that they would have never thought to pair.

So I did it.

I ambushed my brother-in-law, Jared.

It was so fun. For me. Ahahahaha!

Now let me give you a little background on Jared...Jared is my sister's husband, a highschool english teacher, and a die hard cubs fan (go cubbies!). He is a simple guy who loves his wife, a good bacon cheeseburger, the cubs (he really loves them...they get a double mention), sports, family time, simple t-shirts and jeans, and always puts a white undershirt underneath his button-up. We love Jared in this house and I couldn't have asked for a better guy to marry my sister.

And because of all this he was my first victim.
Woohoo! Here goes!
(Pre-ambush awkward posing for my sister)


The goods!
(Now we were limited to button-ups, t-shirts, jeans, one blazer, and a few sweaters)


OK, no more serious photos, here is a cigar...

It is hard for us to stay serious for long...

Ambusher and ambushee

See, I told you, it is hard for us to stay so serious!


In celebration, Lindsey, my sister and Jared's wife, cooked us dinner and one of my favorite salads! Cabbage, bell peppers, black beans, roasted corn, onions, pulled pork, bbq sauce and an oooh so vinegary dressing. YUM!

Thanks you guys!

p.s. Here is a sneak peek to my new year's outfit. Not the pants from H&M that I got 5 years ago, but the shoes! Jeffery Campbell always does me good.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New nails

In celebration of quitting my job (I worked at Starbucks--did I tell you I worked there? and well I technically still work there until the 16th, oh well...I still want to celebrate) and moving onward and upward, I went to Target to play. And while there, I painted and severely discolored my hands in nail polishes and eye shadows and enjoyed all the thrills of being a girl. I ended up buying several (I mean, 4) new nail polishes all composed of sparkles, metallics and purples. My fingers and toes are beautiful I tell you! And yours can be too! New years eve is just 2 days away and there is no better time to indulge your girliest self by doing your nails up good. My sister and I indulged in several ways yesterday as we sipped a glass of wine, watched cupcake wars and painted our fingers and toes. Even though our toes are tucked in our boots all winter, it doesn't matter, because we know they're sparkling.

Sally Hansen -- Commander in Chic
*Advertisement*Go buy it, it's awesome*

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet treat

Do you ever have those cravings that no matter what you do, where you are, or who you call to distract you, they just won't go away? Well I most certainly do and last night a large diet coke from McDonald's was on my mind and wouldn't leave till I satisfied it.

I promise that I normally don't take photos of myself with diet coke in hand, but seriously people, this craving was intense and it made me do it.

New year's resolutions aren't usually my thing, but this year cutting back on DC may make it on my list of to do's. Probably not though.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just one more...

It's Christmas and I think today, because it is my favorite holiday, deserves another post.

Here in our house we do this holiday the casual way. Even our Christmas dinner consisted of leftover taco salad (but don't worry too much, turkey and potatoes and my mom's famous rolls were on the menu also). One of the joys of this lazy day is our annual viewing of home videos (though some may argue "annual"). And I don't know another family who enjoys their home videos quite like ours. Power Ranger karate dances around the living room, snow forts, and a family so in love makes me feel beyond blessed. Life is good and with these folks the future is bright.

Lounging around the house with your favorite people inspires you. It was all so much fun. I can't wait till next year, but for now I am going to go grab another roll. xo.

Merriest Christmas

Merry Christmas!

This morning has been full of love, snow, joy, warmth, and feasts. Waking to the smell of coffee and chocolate croissants and finding a heap of gifts under the tree waiting to be opened will put a smile in everyone's hearts. My ten year old sister in particular was a joy to watch as she gave and received the presents that had been on all our lists for the past month.

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday. Lounging in jammies, walking in slippers, and covered in blankets is on the agenda for the day (the only perk about living 3,000 miles away from all extended family...I get to be unashamedly lazy).

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isa 9:6

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Olive Us

Style...for all of us? Yes, for all of us. Not everyone I know, or most people I know, have endless amounts of cash or credit cards with sky high limits. One of the things I love so much is everyday style. Everyday chicness. Everyday panache.

What is in your closet? How will you make it grand? Check out the links above to see what people around the world are doing with their closets on everyday budgets.

Photo by Christopher Wilocki
Jacket by H&M, dress by
stylesofia, tights by HUE

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With Purpose

I am about to embark on a journey and I am innocent as to where this will lead. I have many an interest that I know you share with me. Let's talk about life, love, food, music, and my favorite, fashion. Fashion has a very big and special place in my heart. Just last night I shared with a friend my outlook on this is so much more than clothes! It is beauty and an expression. The looks, the sounds, and the feelings that accompany it are fascinating and I am forever hooked. Fashion is one of the main ways I communicate and my personal style changes daily. Back in college my vintage gray skirt was the thing that bonded a best friend and I. Actions and fashion speak louder than words it seems.

I hope several, or more, of you will join me, share with and be inspired by the things that intoxicate and move me. This is all very thrilling.