Hello!  Welcome to Louder Than Words!  My name is Taylor and the husband is Michael...I promise we are not as serious as our photo:) And this is my blog about our life, love, and style.  

Him:  handsome-all-around-amazing-person.  fast eater.  fantasy baseball addict.  cautious driver.  beer maker. words with friends champ. health-freak in disguise. obsessive chewer of Trident original. confetti cake connoisseur.  loves her. 

Her: firm believer in mascara.  a nurse who will care the crazy outta you.  doesn't wear jewelry except the rare bracelet and wedding rings.  bread and olive oil is her other true love.  uses hands way too much while speaking.  laughs at own jokes.  horrible story teller.  middle child syndrome.  loves him.

Stay awhile and let's be friends, shall we?

XOXO, Taylor