Monday, March 28, 2011

I say...

I's time to get blogging again!  

Sorry blogging world...I've neglected you.  Never will it happen again.  Pinky swear.  Cross my heart.

The last two weeks I have been distracted with my new fiance, a wee bit of wedding planning, work, school, a mini trip to Detroit for parties and more parties and road rallies (ever done one of those things?  Amazing Race around your own town...I'm addicted.  Who wants to make one for me?).  I've also been distracted with some fairly incredible sites that friends have introduced me to that have kept my hands from a typing and my eyes glued to computer screens and my finger continually pushing the "older posts" button.  

Check them out.  You'll find something pretty, I promise.  Some of these are basically heaven.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When you know, you know, ya know?

Some time ago I said to my mom...

"I wish I could just be friends with someone and then one day say to one another, 'Hey, I pick you.  I love you.  Let's do this thing.'  Doesn't that sound wonderful and easy and perfect?"

  I thought so too.  And the funniest thing happened.

It happened.

Well, basically.  (more on that later:).

I know.

He knows.

We know.

And it's all quite perfect.

Anticipating a fun engagement, beautiful wedding, and long happy marriage together.

Me and my betrothed:

Isn't he handsome?  He's mine:)

More juicy details soon!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let me introduce you... my new shoes

I love them and their perfect segway into spring and summer kind of ways.  Their lovely brown colors and cutouts have won me and my feet over. Happy Friday, everyone:)

Shoes,; Pants, H&M

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elsie!

Know what's the best thing?  When your best friend has a baby.  My best girl, Audrey, had this sweet little baby a year ago and we all love her so much!  She is a joy and a blessing with all her smiles and silly faces.  Dontcha love her too?  I mean, seriously, look at that sweet face!

Happy birthday, Elsie girl!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Can we just talk about summer?  I know it is technically still winter for approximately 19 days, but it is March now and that means spring is oh so soon!  I'm completely smitten.  I'm also mad about maxi dresses.  I am obsessing really.  Even in winter they are lovely, but with tan shoulders and sandals and an iced tea in hand they are even lovelier.  This is the one I just bought for the boyfriend and I's upcoming trip to the sweet ole desert in April (Vegas baby!  And Cali too:).  

And since it isn't quite summer yet, I'll just take today to remember last year's good times in the sun in anticipation for this year.

Love this photo.  You so cute;)