Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Love Story

A Love Story

I told you I would tell you our little love story (or big to us) like 4 months ago, so here it is...finally.  My lagging bum apologizes.

Mike and I were introduced by a mutual friend back in the spring of 2009.  He and my friend were working together at the same company and since he was new-ish to the area, she, being the hospitable person she is, invited him to our church.  There, we met and became friends.  And for me, that's exactly what it was and stayed...friends.  But to Mike, not so much (I feel like I need him to write this part...but he ain't here right now...I'm having to deal with that and you will have to as well).  Mike claims he basically started falling immediately.

So spring, summer, fall and winter came and went and were filled with fun times together with our friends.  We went to parties and baseball games and drank margaritas...he came to Starbucks to "work" while I was there working and tried to get me to come over and watch How I Met Your Mother...and I stayed uninterested.

This went on for nearly a year until he finally asked me to grab some coffee with him.  We both knew what was going to happen that evening...he was going to spill his love filled guts to me (I knew everything already and he knew I knew, but still nothing had been said directly between this was the time).  We sat and chatted and he finally came out with it.  I listened and smiled and told him thank you for telling me and how nice it is to hear that someone thinks and feels that way about you.  But, in the end, told him I didn't feel the same way...(I am such an idiot!  I know people...I know).

So more months passed and we remained friends...we were good friends and I enjoyed him as my friend and I saw him as my friend and thought I would see him that way always and forever (trying to stress "friend" here).

But something began to change in my heart.  I remember the day he walked into Starbucks with his backwards Detroit Tigers hat on (he looks so studly when he wears that hat) and I looked up to see who was coming in and my belly became flooded with butterfiles.  And then I became covered in butterflies.

It was weird and I was like, "whaaaat was that?"

Since that moment things have changed.  And they changed fast.  We began to hang.  Like hang hang, not friend hang.  And he told me he loved me.  And I told him, "thanks for telling me"  (Idiot!  I know people...I know).  Then we were bf/gf.  Then a few weeks later I said I loved him.  So we loved each other and couldn't believe the ways that God had moved and worked to bring us together (you'll have to ask Mike more about this because the Lord was at crazy work and speaking to Mike always telling him to keep pursuing me...even after multiple rejections).  Then we talked about marriage.  We both knew once we dated we would get married.  And we wanted to get married.  We talked with God, our families, friends and everyone told us to do the same thing.  Get married.  You're ready.  And we were.

So we are getting married.

And it's the best thing that God has given me.

I'm still all covered in butterflies.

(Here is a little taste of what the best day of the year is going to be like...October 21 are you here yet?)


homeseed said...

sweet love story :) excited for what is to come for you two!! those images look preeeetty amazing. kelly told me that she was really excited about everything you showed her....

what would we do without kelly?! :)

Taylor said...

Seriously! I know what I like and I think it's great, but I just need to run it past kel to make sure I'm not crazy. Glad you like what you see!

kristyn said...

such a cute story! :) love your blog, will definitely start following :)

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