Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Can we just talk about summer?  I know it is technically still winter for approximately 19 days, but it is March now and that means spring is oh so soon!  I'm completely smitten.  I'm also mad about maxi dresses.  I am obsessing really.  Even in winter they are lovely, but with tan shoulders and sandals and an iced tea in hand they are even lovelier.  This is the one I just bought for the boyfriend and I's upcoming trip to the sweet ole desert in April (Vegas baby!  And Cali too:).  

And since it isn't quite summer yet, I'll just take today to remember last year's good times in the sun in anticipation for this year.

Love this photo.  You so cute;)


grace said...

LOVE that maxi! where is it from?

Taylor said...

It's from! Beautiful, right? I think there are even several colors. Thanks for the reminder that I need to attach a link!