Sunday, March 13, 2011

When you know, you know, ya know?

Some time ago I said to my mom...

"I wish I could just be friends with someone and then one day say to one another, 'Hey, I pick you.  I love you.  Let's do this thing.'  Doesn't that sound wonderful and easy and perfect?"

  I thought so too.  And the funniest thing happened.

It happened.

Well, basically.  (more on that later:).

I know.

He knows.

We know.

And it's all quite perfect.

Anticipating a fun engagement, beautiful wedding, and long happy marriage together.

Me and my betrothed:

Isn't he handsome?  He's mine:)

More juicy details soon!!!


Meagan Lindsay Shuptar said...

Now you can start planning your BHLDN wedding :)

cait said...

Congratulations lady! Your ring is GORGEOUS and you look SO happy.