Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just one more...

It's Christmas and I think today, because it is my favorite holiday, deserves another post.

Here in our house we do this holiday the casual way. Even our Christmas dinner consisted of leftover taco salad (but don't worry too much, turkey and potatoes and my mom's famous rolls were on the menu also). One of the joys of this lazy day is our annual viewing of home videos (though some may argue "annual"). And I don't know another family who enjoys their home videos quite like ours. Power Ranger karate dances around the living room, snow forts, and a family so in love makes me feel beyond blessed. Life is good and with these folks the future is bright.

Lounging around the house with your favorite people inspires you. It was all so much fun. I can't wait till next year, but for now I am going to go grab another roll. xo.


Lindsey said...

I agree, Tay! Our Christmases ARE awesome. Be sure to mention the $400 dollar bottle of champagne we drank...that will make us seem a little more fancy. ;)