Friday, December 31, 2010

A date at Whole Foods

Yesterday was a good day for a good lunch with a good friend. She and I went to whole foods to dabble in their buffet of food labled "natural" and "organic" that made me feel no guilt while I ate cornbread dressing and drunken Thai noodles. It was delicious and fun and we drank the best tea ever. Seriously, it was amazing. It made my tastebuds sing. I think I need to go there again today to stock up on this stuff. You should too. Mint and honey green tea by Sweet Leaf.

Yes, I did have cornbread dressing and drunken thai noodles, but do you see those brussel sprouts? Turkey meatballs? And detox veggie salad that was surprisingly tasty? Yup.


Did I also mention we are having a winter heat wave? 50 degrees, snow gone, water in the basement, and the perfect weather for wearing high high heels this new year's clumsy slipping :)

Happy New Year's! Cheers!
New Year's post tomorrow. Lots of sparkles, champagne, good shoes and friends.