Saturday, January 01, 2011

A time for toasts

Goodbye! And well hello new year!, it was OK. I mean, it was good. Not too shabby at all. But I only say this in comparison to this coming year. 2011 is going to be the best year yet. I feel it. I feel it deep in my bones and in my toes. They tingle with good feelings, I tell you. And I think my list of to do's will help get me there.

-- Travel somewhere warm. Even for a quick weekend. Road trip anyone? I'll provide snacks and the perfect guilty pleasure music.
-- Actually use my gym membership that I have been paying for each month. I feel like I have been robbed, lifetime, ROBBED.
-- Floss everyday, and then make a dentist appointment.
-- Collect more shoes. Good ones make even the dingiest t-shirt and jeans look fab. This is a need.
-- Master NCLEX questions (this is nursing school junk...did I tell you I am in nursing school? Well I am...and it is hard, people!)
-- Paint a picture.
-- Buy a good camera...this will happen within the first two months...I promise. This blog is gonna be off the hook (I don't think I have ever said that before this) after this plan comes to fruition.
-- Stop buying hair styling cream. I have like 8 full bottles of hair cream.

That is good for now.

Can you guess what dance we are doing?

Last night completely redeemed new year's eve. It was amazingly fun. And even though there were only a mere five of us, it was special. It was spent with good friends with whom I can't wait to spend another year with. The evening was filled with prosciutto and mozzarella on crackers, dark chocolate covered almonds, olives, fancy drinks, catch phrase, a trip down the street, mini dance parties and champagne to toast in the new year....yeah,we are classy broad.

However, there was one casualty. One major casualty. Remember my pretty dress from the above photos? Well, it ripped. Like really ripped. All the way down the back exposing parts you usually keep covered. And the worst part was when I had to be told, by a boy, that my rear was now open to the elements. It was all just embarrassing. And I am super forlorn about my pretty dress that I had just purchased. I mean, it was perfect for both winter and summer. Perfect,I tell you.
Here is the after:

Nonetheless, even after this wardrobe mishap, new years was great. And this new year is bound to be the best year yet.

Happy New Year!