Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Obscure and Outstanding

I like Mondays as much as the next person (I know I know...it's tuesday...just hold your horses) and so today I was trying to be as positive as I could be (seeing as it is only the third of this new year and I want to start it all off right).  So I had this brilliant idea...actually this girl did, and I think I may just have to copy.  Today my mind kept thinking about good things that were happening, but those good things kept being accompanied by two or more awkward and obscure and funny things that were happening.  So I decided to do a list.  A weekly list.  Probably Mondays, but if my Mondays are ever as they were yesterday it may just have to wait.  So here I am, Tuesday, putting up my Monday list.  Here we go!


--  My progressively worsening crowd phobia.
-- The fact that I keep putting more and more pieces of gum in my mouth when I am hungry and there is no food in sight.  2 1/2 pieces did the trick today before lunch.
--  The fact that I am now beginning an addiction to pawning and picking types of shows.
--  That on NYE, my dress ripped (I am still not over this), and when I went to return it yesterday, seeing as it was clearly a construction flaw, the store clerk lady gave me rolley eyes like I was asking her to give me the money out of her personal wallet.  
--  Having a silly face contest with a four year old and getting caught by several adult strangers.
--  Then later teaching that same four year old how to speak in a british accent so later she could impress her parents by calling them "mummy" and "datty."  I actually don't know how impressed they'll be.
--  A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear today.
--  The creepy old man in a little black sweat suit with his hood up buying sci-fy movies behind me in line at Target.


--  Target.  You agree, I know you do.
--  That The Bachelor started last night.  I hate that I am so intrigued.
--  A parking spot so close to the door of the store and the fact that I didn't even have to fight for it.
--  The big jar of almonds and dried blueberries that I have stashed in my room...there may also be chocolate.  A girl's gotta eat! 
--  That I have a friend who sticks by my side in the most painful of circumstances...(ahem, you know who you are...)
--  Trident Layers...who would have thought it was so delicious?  Thanks, dad, for always stuffing my stocking with good gum and mints.
--  My dad.  He is outstanding.
--  The fact that I didn't get to post this last night because I was so wonderfully interrupted by a friend's phone call.  We talked for an hour and nine minutes.  It was lovely.

So...I think this could work.  It made me happy.  

See you tomorrow!

p.s. I went to the gym today.  Woo!  I better go back there soon or else that was the most expensive day at the gym ever.  ever.