Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Trial and...

Today was the start of an exciting thing in my see, I am in nursing school and have been for a bit of time now...see?

ta da!

...and today was my first day in OB!  I am completely enthralled.  And utterly amazed with the way that God brings us into this world and how perfectly intricate and beautiful he has created us.  Who else could have come up with this stuff?!  I love the way God does things just to impress us.  I am soooo impressed that I want to do it for a living.  

After I came home exhausted after a 12 hour day (how will I ever survive!) I whipped up a salad that tasted a little too healthy (I am working on it).  I enjoy cooking but am not much of a cook.  I do what I can and it usually tastes pretty good, but I would love to master the art...or at least master something in the chopping, sauces or cookies.  Probably cookies.  My sister is the chef in my family, so I will do the cookies.  And cakes.