Saturday, February 05, 2011

Survival Kit--February edition

It's February and I am sooo over this winter thing.  In fact I am almost positive the majority of us are done with the cold and squirming for sunshine on our skin.  But since it is only the beginning of February, I decided I needed some things that could get me through this month and probably the next (spring always comes later than it should.  Humph).  I think these things will give us all a little bit more warmth, hope, style, and endurance as we make our way through this icky month!

(click on the pics to get the goods!)

                                    Kiehls coconut lip balm.
                  Smooth, smelly, and oh so glossy.

The bag I am taking on my
      next trip         Something purple that wraps
Quirky and cute suit

Something long. I love maxi dresses for all seasons.    

                                              Bronzer.  We all need a nice glow.

Stay warm!  44 more days till SPRING!