Sunday, February 06, 2011

Girl's night out

One of my best friends and I had a total girl's night this weekend.  We enjoyed manicures and pedicures as we sipped on delicious white wine and read fashion magazines.  Although the best part was probably dinner at this amazing Argentine place.  It was called Folkore in Wicker Park (you must check it out if you live in was beautifully designed and had our mouths watering with the best mojitos we had ever tasted).  After the girly start to the evening, we "manned up" by ordering a huge slab of meat.  It was seriously massive.  Even the waiter brought it out saying, "usually this is big, but this is especially huge."  Those chefs in the back had no idea two young ladies were about to dive into it.  I'd like to tell you we polished it off, but we didn't.  We weren't even close.  Kelly took it home for her and her roommates to enjoy for the next week.  

The meat.  We are such ladies, aren't we?