Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow, thunder, lightning

So I live in Chicago.  And I assume if you listen to any sort of news you have heard that a blizzard has swept through our area, and in fact most of the midwest.  Well it came.  It definitely came.  Tuesday afternoon the sky opened up and people started going crazy.  Gas prices spiked, bread was wiped off the shelves and everyone left work early to make it home in time before the snow made it halfway up their door.  I strategically was stranded with some of my favorite people.  It was lovely.  Even when the power went out and thunder pounded and lightning struck (what??? it's February, not July!  But it was eerie and amazing).  We rested, played games, ate food, shoveled like a million pounds of snow, cozied up, I studied for a test, concocted some weird yummy hot chocolate and baked cookies, and so much more.  It was so fun that I am ready for another one to hit...bring it on!

(Bottom right photo is of the driveway.  There are like 4 cars under there.  Gah.  There is so much snow.  Frozen Tundra)

 These few pictures I have do not do the mounds of snow that surround us justice.  This stuff is high and wide and here to stay...this snow is not going anywhere.