Monday, January 31, 2011

Obscure and Outstanding things from my week

Things have actually been fairly normal recently...I'm very surprised.

- That I have an automatic urge to sing whenever I enter into a bathroom of any kind.  Public.  Private.  Port-a-potty.  Doesn't matter...I feel like belting it.
- This waitress at the restaurant I was at this weekend.  It was seriously the most awkward interaction I have ever experienced (It was in Madison, WI.  Packer fans.  Could be a good explanation).  And I am not being dramatic!  She whispered and smiled awkwardly and it was all just very strange.  This is the worst description, sorry...
- The dog I am watching this week.  I have never seen a dog beg the way she does.  I usually can't resist begging dogs...the eyes, the drool, the head on your just kills me.  But her, this dog?  She can't stop moving when she is begging and she keeps making strange noises, "here!  here!  here is piece of chicken, just stop it and go away!"  Ugh, that's why they always come to me...

- Dinner Saturday night.  The local Japanese steak house fed us oh so well.  Dinner and entertainment and sushi.  Mmmm. Mmm.
-  My swirly straw.
- That I get a house all to myself for 5 days.  House sitting and dog sitting have so many perks.
- Musicals.  Saw one this week and I felt like I was a junior in highschool again.  "Mamma mia..."
- My new Kiehl's face products.  My skin feels softer and cleaner and sun protected.  The lady at the store was so pleased to hear I wanted my lotion with spf.
- That there is a high likely hood of being stranded indoors for a day this week.  I am going to be very very strategic as to where I end up.  I will also show up there with good food, games, movies, and wine and hot tea to keep warm.  Yay Chicago blizzard of 2011!!!


Michael said...

I very much like the idea of you strategically ending up somewhere