Saturday, January 29, 2011

My weekend mishap

Sometimes I am in a hurry.  

Sometimes I like to eat 'Baked Cheetos' at 9am.  

Sometimes I am so anxious for the weekend to start I just want to go to class and get out as soon as I can. 

Sometimes I am crazy about the pens I use.  1 kind of  pen for 1 notebook.

Sometimes I am careless about my key placement.  

So don't do this:

And then get out and lock your car...

Cuz then you'll come back and see this:
(Sour Patch Kids...I walked into the gas station after a fill up and saw them and my mouth jumped with joy.  It was an actual need.)

And then you'll have to explain your careless ways to this man who has the tools to undo your mistakes:

And then you'll have to wait.  And watch.  And your mouth will water for your sour patch kids.

And then you'll see this.  And you'll feel hope!:

Woohoo!  He did it!  Security man at your school did it!

Let the weekend BEGIN!

Now what is the lesson here?  Always put your keys in your bag.  And never overlook a sour patch kid craving.  


Lindsey said...

Hahaha! I like this, and I like Sour Patch Kids, and I like that we're all having dinner together tonight. Watch out Domo!

krisandkel said...

ha the keys are so close yet so far! if it makes you feel better I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday :)

<3 kris&kel

Christopher Wilocki said...

Like I said, goofy and meaningful blog. I love it! See you soon!