Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lacy Day

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I used to work every Sunday evening and since that nonsense has stopped, Sunday has become my favorite day of the week.  Who cares that work and school and whatever else is included in your daily grind starts is Sunday and it is altogether glorious!  Sleep, eat, relax, go to church, sing some songs, watch a show, shine your shoes, go to target, pet your puppy, make a list, bake a cake.  Do whatever your pretty little heart desires, but if you do have to work, I totally understand.  I feel for you toots.

dress, Forever21; blazer, Gap; tights, Urban Outfitters; boots, Minimarket

I love dresses.  I would wear them everyday if I could.  You should too...and if someone asks you, "why are you so dressed up" as I often get asked, just ignore it.  They obviously wouldn't understand.


grace said...

Taylor, love your blog, girl! such cute outfits you're putting together over here.
looks COLD in Chicago!

Which Anna is it that we have in common?