Saturday, February 12, 2011

A look into the future.

Like I said from the very beginning, I love fashion.  I love good style and the ways that people communicate by what they put on each morning.  It is so fun to see what people come up with and I myself have so much fun playing around in my closet.

I want to start doing some outfit original, right?  But seriously, I love people's outfit posts and I know I am not in the, why not, right?  Right?  What do you think?

As for now, I am limited with cameras and people to take them (or rather too embarrassed to ask my mama to take them, but I'll get there...maybe I will recruit my 10yro sister.  She would be hysterical and I could start her career as a fashion photographer.  Perf!).

So yes.  Here is a post!  What I am wearing today!

Jean button down, Anthropologie; Tank, L.A. Made; Pants, H&M; Boots, Minimarket

A not so sophisticated saturday, but I need something comfy cozy to clean up my junk.  And besides, I wandered over to The Daybook and saw a sweet little giveaway and thought my current outfit would look great if I swapped my fav black boots for a sweet new pair of rusty colored booties.  Don't you think they'd look cute?  So cute.

Okey dokes!  This has been way too long of an explanation.  Way better photos, way "funner" and cuter outfits and shorter prefaces to those outfits to come!  Let me know what you think of my idearrs.