Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Outstanding and Obsucure Valentine's Weekend.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, sweets!

My new obsession...silky, colorful, little jackets.  Perfect for spring and really anything. Dressed up and impressed this LBD quite nicely, dontcha think?

Dress, H&M; Jacket, F21; Tights, Hue; Shoes, Stewart Weitzman; Earrings, UrbanOutfitters; Clutch, Accessorize.


- Saying my name over the phone.  Seriously, no one ever understands what I am saying.  They say, "Tara?," "Kayla?," and my favorite one that happened this Friday night, "Gaylor."  I am totally serious.  Maybe next time I think of ordering take-out or simply just calling to inquire about something, I'll be Katie or Sarah or Christie.  Those are easy, right?  Gaylor.  I can't get over how hysterical that is.  

- The millions of bags that i seem to carry in and out of my car every day.  My book bag, purse, gym bag, lunch bag, old grocery bag with junk in it.  Woah, I feel claustrophobic even thinking about it.

- The aggressiveness I accumulate on the road.  I promise I am not that way in everyday life, but if you try to do something stupid on the road we are on...you may get a mouthful (I won't cuss, don't worry...that is too much for me).  "Arg, use your blinker dumb dumb! Choose a lane why dontcha! Ughhhhh!"
...I'm afraid I am revealing myself too much to you today...

- So you're going out for a special occasion.  You get in your dress, you do up your hair, you spritz a little perfume, you smooth some lip gloss on.  The door bell rings and that special someone walks into your place.  You are still upstairs putting your finishing touches on.  You walk down the stairs.  The special someone says, "You look amazing," "you are beautiful," "wow." You are incredibly embarrassed and throw your coat on without acknowledging those lovely compliments.  "Please don't look at me," you think......OK people, is this just me?  Who else hates this part of the night?  Do you feel like it's your senior prom too?  OK, phew.


- Venti 5 shot Americano with cream.  My perfect morning wake-up.

- Valentine's day dresses.  Love my LBD.

- This clutch that I totally won on Twitter.  Check out who gifted me with this lovely bag.

- The 40 to 50 degree weather we are going to experience this week.  I am giddy with thinking I can wear just a blazer and scarf and tights with open toed platforms.  Amaze!

-Christopher Wilocki photography.  He and I did a shoot this weekend and it was of course amazing!  Check him out!


pauldreisbach said...

Taylor, your blog is sweet! Hope things are going well up in Chicago!