Thursday, March 15, 2012

I got hot and it was awesome

Husband and I were texting the other day while he was at work and I was walking around our town to take a break from studying for what some call "the biggest test of my life."  I wore this.  And got hot in it...what?!  So that spurred a conversation about all the summery things that we can't wait to do together during our first married summer.  My list included: picnics, beach days in the city, iced tea, grilling, walks, and sangria.  Michael's list:  making out and architectural tours.  I love that weirdo.  

{Blazer, Gap; Cami, F21; Jeans, Zara; Flats,; Necklace, vintage pin I connected to a chain}


Bon Bon said...

oh boys:-) so silly! married summers are super fun! annnnd yes please to one that involves sangria! (I was prego last summer, so nothing fun to drink. boo) xoxo