Monday, January 10, 2011

Obscure and Outstanding!

Wasn't it just Monday last week?  Yes, yes it was.  But here we are!  And with another list of my most obscure and outstanding things from the past few days.  It is good do some laughing (at least I am laughing) to start the week off.


--  Being slightly too competitive while playing Candyland...I want the Princess Frostine card!
--  "Pineapple tongue"...the way your tongue feels after you've eaten too much pineapple.  Like the way mine feels now.  Ouch. It's bruised.
--  As I drive around town, I always think of the streets that I would like to live on one day.  What's in a name?  A lot is in a name (lol).
--  I have been in nursing school for a while now and I think I got amnesia over Christmas break.  I keep forgetting I am in school and need to do things. Ah!
--  Bridal Plasty.  I...I don't even have words.  I'd say watch and you will understand, but don't.  It's these girls fighting for plastic surgeries for their wedding days, and when elimination comes the host says, "I'm sorry, 'girl who needs more self confidence,' your wedding will go on, but it won't be perfect."  WHAT?!?  Seeeeeriously.
--  Saying "be safe out there!"...I said it to a man this morning and it was incredibly awkward.  I don't know why.

(at work.  last monday)


--  Lou Malnati's.  Chicago deep dish is by far the greatest, but last night I nearly had a love affair with it.
--  That this is my last week at Starbucks.  Bittersweet for sure.
--  Little kids clinging to you like monkeys.  Toes digging into your back and everything.  Little monkeys.
--  Greek yogurt.  It's like healthy ice cream!!!
--  Italics.  They do sooo much for me.
--  Bright red tomato nail polish.  It always is fitting.

I hope you are all having an outstanding Monday!