Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A promise

I promise these are about to get really cool. Like art and fashion and crazy photos and more of my favorite things. But life is cool too, right?  Well, I think so:) But's just not one of those days. 12 hours at the hospital and about 5 hours of studying left has left my creative brain on the side of the road and quite possibly my logical and learning side there too. Another day. Promise.

School.  Work.  Exhaustion.  Bed.  Covers.  Me.  

A lost cause.  I'm totally in for it.

...any any anyone?


Christopher Wilocki said...

Man I am lovin your little iPhone pictures!

Taylor said...

Gah! They are kinda lame, but a blog with iPhone pictures is better than a blog with no pictures at all. I have an old old manuel film camera that I have to snatch back from my sister and I am looking for a new nice one too. But until then...