Thursday, May 03, 2012

Husband approved

{Dress, F21; Cardi,; Headband, Anthropologie}

I feel like I am wearing a crown with this metallic silver headband.  And the hubs seems to like it.  I love getting a "Ooo, pretty.  You look good, girl.  I like that thing in your hair."  He is such a good man making his wife feel so good.

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday.  xo.


Maria Camila said...

Haha, I love this very cute

Fashionista Brit said...

Love it! Where is it from?!

Belle epoque Fashion Blog

Annie said...

It IS the best when the men in our lives approve of our fashion choices :) LOVE that maxi - the color combo is so cute, and lovin' your style!

The Other Side of Gray

Girls in the Green Boots said...

What a great husband! Love that maxi!

Sarah & Kristina

Girls in the Green Boots said...

Hey Taylor! Kristina and I are actually from a small town called Rockford, it's just easier to classify ourselves as "Chicagoland".
We wish we were truly from the heart of Chicago! Where are you and your husband located? Hope you had a great weekend!

Sarah & Kristina

Keena Horton said...

cute dress! i just discovered your blog! darling


Julie Marie said...

you DO look gorgeous!!

kristyn said...

love your outfit!