Monday, January 23, 2012

A happy weekend

This weekend was a happy one.  

1.  A surprise date night with my husband which resulted in me indulging in garlic, truffle, and roasted mushroom risotto that was just brilliant.

2.  A lazy Saturday morning.

3.  An exciting highschool basketball game at my brother-in-law's school (he teaches English) which revealed a completely new side of me that I didn't even know I had.  I talked smack, cheered, woot-wooted, and my husband said that he needs to get me out more.  Who knew I would come alive?!

4.  Drinks, hummus, pitas, and an impromptu game of "The Office Trivia" that I totally stunk at.

5.  Home videos with my sister, watching the boys bottle their first batch of home brew, and a successful trip to Goodwill.

6.  Football.  Do you see what marriage has done to me?

7.  Family.  Love love love.



Lindsey said...

So fun! We lead wonderfully blessed lives, don't we? Love you and can't wait for Saturday. :)

husband said...

Your blog is the bomb. I love you :)