Sunday, July 10, 2011


Mike and I became do-it-yourself-ers over the last week.  Goodwill and Home Depot have seen their fair share of us and we are thorougly covered with paint specs and sanding dust.  It was so fun to tackel some projects, or at least get started on a few.  Our tables and chairs and bookcases all need some tlc before they can go into our new place (which is still tbd), but we have a vision and it will be sooo spectacular.  Just trust me!


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

i love it! my husband and i just bought our first home, and although all the extra space is exciting to fill, it's also rather intimidating! thank goodness for cheap furniture at goodwill that we can refinish!

Bridget said...

it looks great. diy is so damn awesome isn't it? except that i cant do most of them but i sure like looking!

wanderlustings said...

yay!! congrats on the new place! this looks like such a sweet/fun thing to do together :)