Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Shenanigans...not mine.

Yesterday was all about this girl:
Isn't she cute?  Her wedding day is just over four months away and she is still without a dress, so Jocy (the bride), myself and two other friends braced the cold Chicago winds in search of the perfect dress last night.  Now I would post her best and most beautiful choices here, but I don't want to give anything away, so take me at my word when I say she was GORGEOUS.


We stopped at the sweetest little shop in Lincoln Park called Weddings826 and got the full treatment.  Lots of attention for Jocy, flutes of champagne, tiny little chocolates, and extra amounts of us gushing over her beauty in a white gown.  We had a truly lovely time being girly and felt absolutely no guilt while getting excited over sparkly things.  

Trying on dresses and critiquing each one was hard work and us ladies needed some grub.  So we wandered for about a block (January. Chicago.  Enough said) and ended the day in a cutie little pasta shop where we sank our teeth into goat cheese, tomato and pine nut smothered farfalle, and gorgonzola cream covered shells.  It was all quite delicious, but I nearly sent my plate of food back in exchange for a whole loaf of bread and a dinner sized plate full of olive oil, parm, and pepper.

Ladies, friends, you are lovely.  There are still two single ladies in this group and I am quite excited for our next wedding dress search.  Ya know, whenever that day comes.