Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sophisticated Saturday

Thank goodness for the weekend.  I'm really in need of it right now seeing as my weeks just get busier and busier and my immune system gets weaker and weaker.  Fighting a fever and throbbing aches for 3 days was enough to make me want to sit around all day and watch movies and drink tea (of course with my books and notes in hand, blah).  But I did have to do one thing this morning.  I shot with a guy named John Troxel who is editor-in-chief of INK magazine.  It is a quarterly fashion magazine (but is going monthly as of March!) and it is beautiful.  Seriously, LOOK.  I was amazed the first time I flipped through one.  The INK Winter edition just came out a couple weeks ago and you should most definitely check it out.  Look, be inspired and enjoy the beautiful clothes and the even lovelier photography.  I may or may not be in it (if you find me, the photography was done by Christopher Wilocki...check out his blog HERE)

All the photos above and to the right are by Chris and this little photo is by John from some time ago.  Like before there was snow on the ground.  Do you remember when we considered 50 degrees cold? At least we get nice coats and boots to keep us warm and stylish.

 Photo by John Troxel
Coat by Spanish Moss

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I stop by your blog from time to time....awesome that you have a spread in INK--what a dream! Great magazine....I LOVE the photography featured there and am definitely inspired by it.

Taylor said...

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy the blog:)

Christopher Wilocki said...

I heard that Christopher guy is really something!

Taylor said...

Gah! He is so cool!