Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something to tell you

{Top, TJMaxx; Belt, thrifted; Skirt, Target}

Sorry I have been MIA this past week.  I have been having a hard time finding a nursing job and it seems that the only thing I do when I get on my computer is search hospital job listings.  It has actually been a lot rougher than a process than I even expected.  Not the actually job finding part...I knew that would be hard, but the emotional aspect of it all.  I have wanted to be a nurse since I felt the Lord calling me to nursing in 2005.  Since then, I had searched nursing schools, started school, worked my butt off, studied like a madman, graduated, passed my national boards...all these things have come to a head and wow, it's kind of emotional.  I love nursing and I want to be a nurse.  I have never felt so called to something.  So the fact that I apply and my phone never rings is a hard spot to be in.  Each day I wait and wonder.  But one thing I do know...that the Lord has promised me this and the only reason I am a nurse is for His glory.  And I know that when I find a job it will be for His glory as well...not because I worked hard and have a great resume, but because He gave it to me.

Thanks for listening to my heart today.  Next week, there will surely be some more posts and light-heartedness.



thecoffeehouse said...

good things come to those who wait. i know it's not easy to digest (trust me, i'm the least patient person you'll meet) ... but i know something amazing will come your way!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

your faith is inspiring.

Jaquii said...

Dude, don't sweat it! I waited for ten months to hear back from any education related job, and I sent out applications every day. Give it time, you'll find a great job eventually. Everything is hard to find in this job market right now! ;_;

Sierra said...

I love following your blog. :) Seriously. Come stop by and come follow!
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Meredith said...

I just went through something very similar and through it all these words from Richard Scott really helped me, “There must be times of trial and quandary to provide opportunity for our development." Good luck as your continue in your job search. Also your outfit is darling. I love your top!


Shelby Lynn said...


I'll never forget how you drove me home and went to the ER with me when my little toe turned purple in college. Your nurse's heart of compassion kept me calm and reassured me I'd be fine. You will be an amazing nurse, and I believe something wonderful is waiting for you. I'll be praying, hang in there!

Allison Coomes said...

God's timing is perfect...I am a speech-language pathologist so I know how that job search/interview process is! Keep the faith!

Julie Marie said...

God placed that desire in your heart. I say this all the time. Not only does he give us the desires of our heart, but he actually placed them their, because he knows us better than we know ourselves (afterall he is our creator)..and knows how much it will bless us. =) his ways are so much higher than ours, and in the end he will always get the glory =) he is faithful to his promise to you !!
i loved your we believe section! i read through it and it sounded so much like me... so nice to meet you via blog =)

Jessica said...

i LOVE what you're wearing! So cute! Polka dots are my favorite right now! -Jessica